NOA | AON is symbolic of a shift taking place in the world of contemporary electronic music. By approaching DJing and production with the methodology of a healer, he’s set out to “create the modern good” through an ongoing body of work. “NOA” means three different things depending on the language: “freedom” in Hawaiian, “love” in Japanese and “movement” in Hebrew. “AON,” its palindrome, stands for “all or nothing.” Either concept is but one side of the same coin and together they stand for a collective celebration of life as expressed through the musical medium. NOA | AON is the entertainment industry alias of Pavel Stuchlik, a former professional athlete, entrepreneur and motivational speaker born in the winter of 1991 in the Czech Republic. Stuchlik has raced on every Continent as a professional cyclist. It was during that time that he started his first business selling carbon bicycle parts via an online store called Pavel’s Vision. Perhaps most notably, he was until recently a major franchise owner of OrangeTheory Fitness, a multi-million dollar fitness franchise with over 600 locations in the U.S. and more than 1,000 locations worldwide in at least 10 countries. Stuchlik is closely aligned with OrangeTheory Fitness as a DJ and host of live events, to this day.

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