As a Southern California born and Madison, WI made DJ, I’ve been rocking the decks since my diaper wearing days. Back then, I’d rifle through my parent’s eclectic record collection looking for something with a beat so I could bounce. Today, I love all types of music from Hip-Hop to House to Mainstream Top 40. While my tastes have changed a little, I owe it all to my origins when I was barely old enough to experiment with the controls on my parent’s old walnut veneered record player. Being born and raised in Southern California, I grew up with a passion for music and love being the life of the party. However, I ventured off for Madison, WI back in 2005 to pursue a degree in Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Five years later, I found myself on the music scene doing the DJ thing. It may seem odd to some to consider that it wasn’t until I left a huge music epicenter I got my first real opportunity to showcase my skill set. However, being away from home and in a new place, I took on the challenge and hit the ground running. With no formal experience, I learned my skills on the fly. Over the last two years I’ve made leaps and bounds learning the biz and perfecting my skills on the 1’s and 2’s. Like any good DJ, I’m always keeping my ear to the street so that I can bring it to the next level. Working full time in radio programming gives me a distinct advantage over my competition. I always know about the freshest music coming out and spend countless hours going through music submissions. Over the years, I’ve honed my ability to select music and instinctually recognize the next big hit when I hear it. As soon as you step into a venue, you’ll know I’m rocking the decks due to my signature style and ability to get everyone onto the dance floor. I make it my goal for everyone to have the time of their lives when I’m in the DJ booth. My passion for music comes through at every event I DJ. Currently, I specialize in video mixing throughout the Madison and Milwaukee area’s hottest bars and nightclubs. Some of the more notable places I currently DJ or have DJ’d include Wando’s, State Street Brats, Sublime, Brother’s Bar and Grille, OAK, Dick's, Buckhead Saloon, Blackthorn Irish Pub, Segredo and several private events. I also occasionally spin a live radio mix show known as the "Mix @ 6" on Madison, WI's WJQM/93.1 Jamz.

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