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DJ Rapko

DJ Rapko


DJ Rapko (Chris Rapko), from Ft. Lauderdale, FL., is a new face in the Atlanta nightlife scene. After moving to Atlanta in 2008 to pursue a recently completed Masters degree at Emory University, Rapko began spinning as a hobby. After picking up several mobile gigs, he began spinning at Atlanta bars in Summer 2010, quickly earning his first residency (Hole in the Wall Atlanta). Shortly after, he became one of three DJs for the weekly mix show, Saturday Night Q,on Q100 Atlanta (WWWQ 99.7FM). His mixes demonstrate diverse musical interests, from Top40 to Hip-Hop, House, Dance, Mashup, and even a bit of Dubstep. Rapko's high-energy mixes will keep you moving! His current projects include developing a Mashup mix-tape series, and a Dubstep/Mashup mix-tape for release in October 2011.

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