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Capt. Of Indus.

Capt. Of Indus.


While the term "DJ" becomes increasingly misappropriated, StoneRokk and Graham Funke have embarked upon a mission to restore some of the fun and return some of the luster to the craft. With creative programming, a master display of technique, and a strong opinion, they hope to dispel the celebutants and new-jack wannabes that have inundated both the nightlife community and the media at large.Graham Funke and StoneRokk are known in the thriving nightlife community as The Captains of Industry. They are heralded for pushing the boundaries of which songs are acceptable for play in America's nightclubs, delivering skilled and eclectic shows nightly, and possessing entertaining A-type personality traits with opinionated worldviews, which has made them favorites amongst their peers, employers, and corporate and celebrity clients.They are outspoken on the deteriorating condition of the concept of the disc jockey, as the market is flooded with wannabes and "celebrity DJs" who, with the help of a media arena currently obsessed with DJs as content, have tarnished the revered vocation in hopes of gaining some attention; Graham Funke and StoneRokk exist to restore the luster to the term DJ, using a honed application of fun and skill and knowledge.As the DJ has become the "new" rock star, the Captains of Industry offer entertainment and expertise, the performance expertly contoured to any occasion, drawing upon the experience of DJing for tens of thousands each month, between their gigs at Hollywood's newest tabloid-friendly hot-spots to their high-profile Las Vegas residencies at the Palms Casino Resort to the 300+ shows they complete each year.The Captains of Industry will dispel all misconceptions and reshape your opinion about the intricate roll the DJ plays in the success of an evening.

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