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Unleash inspiration with motivational workout music, coaches that guide & inspire, and strength programs that provide a real path to results.

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An unparalleled workout experience created by real DJs from Vegas, Miami, & around the globe

Cardio Coach

Cardio Coach

Audio-guided workouts that push you further and cheer you on

Strength Coaching

Strength Training

A variety of workouts & programs for all fitness levels

Temp Run

Tempo Run

Run to a beat that matches your stride with our pace matching technology

Cardio CoachTM

Make your cardio fly by! Coaches will push you further and cheer you on, while DJs continuously surprise you with kick-ass playlists.

Strength Training

Challenge yourself in the gym or at home with workouts and programs for every fitness level. No more PDFs to print out and reference - everything is right on your screen. From exercise demo videos to expert tips on form, your workout just got smarter, easier to follow, and way more fun!

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Stength Focus
Strength Screen
Fit Transformation

Hear the difference.

Thousands of quality DJ mixes designed to fuel your workout.
New playlists and mixes added daily.

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    Hip-Hop - Party

  • DJ Dack Patrick

    DJ Dack Patrick

    EDM - House

Run like an athlete.

Challenge yourself to keep up with the beat by selecting your goal pace, or have Fit Radio match the music to your unique stride.

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