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DJ Euphoria

DJ Euphoria

Featured - Top 40 - Pop


One of Atlanta’s most diverse young DJs, DJ Euphoria is known for his ability to spin from Hip-Hop to Electro, touching on top-40, trap, reggae, pop and latin expertly along the way. Although he started working professionally as a DJ in Atlanta in 2010, Alejandro Pineda, known professionally as DJ Euphoria, began honing his craft during his teenage years. Inspired by listening to radio DJs growing up, he was immediately drawn to the realization that you could do more than listen and vibe to music even if you didn’t play an instrument. DJ’ing provided an outlet to shape, blend, and recreate the music he most enjoyed. “There is a feeling you get when you see people enjoying themselves and letting loose as a direct result of something you are doing,” says Euphoria, “it’s just a natural high, and it inspires you to always keep working to be better.” DJ Euphoria has rocked full house crowds at Atlanta’s top venues, including Opera, Tongue & Groove and Wild Bills. His eclectic twist of genre-bending mixes and international sounds also led him to rock the turntables at a mix of diverse venues including Club Europe, Josephine's Lounge, La Rumba, Anatolia’s Hookah Lounge, Escorpion Cantina and AC Tavern among others. With a wide-range of musical taste and an even wider array of music in his portfolio, DJ Euphoria’s experience spinning in some of Atlanta’s most diverse venues has perfected his ability to read a crowd and hit them with a pleasurable injection of unexpected sound. Although his musical tastes span across a myriad of genres, DJ Euphoria draws inspiration from the work produced by DJ Vice, Diplo and the late DJ AM. Currently working on producing his own remixes and Euphoria’s anticipated mixtape series “KBU” (Keep Banging Us) which releases on SoundCloud four times a year. You can learn more about DJ Euphoria by visiting his website and listen to his mixes by visiting Follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by searching for “EuphoriaKBU.” [email protected]

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