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Chalene Johnson and her team love FIT enough to mention us in one of her chats on the

message board!

We made it to the AJC!

We made it to the front page of the Living section in the Atlanta Journal Constitution

And Access Atlanta!







iPhone Apps Finder

Getting fit and staying that way could be challenging for many of us. In order to get there, you will have to work out and exercise often. Listening to music or inspiring content could certainly help. FIT Radio for iPhone is an exciting app that provides you with high energy workout music to motivate you to push yourself harder.

Mama On A Mission





Merced Sun-Star Mention






Unsolicited love and support from one of our users, @Health4Thoughts

Getting some recognition from one of the founders of Jet Set Life, Rob Murgatroyd




Shout out from Jill Hanner on her YouTube channel

Yahoo News

Chocolate Covered Diamonds 


Make Use Of

Social Times

Killer Startups

Business Insider


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  1. I just earned my PRO card in men’s physique and one tool that helped on my journey was FITRADIO. I could not have done without it.
    Thank you so much

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