Android Release Notes

1.0.22 Summary

  • Added analytic events for new buttons
  • Moved menu to an “iOS style” menu bar at the bottom
  • Clicking a genre/station/mix will highlight that genre/station/mix

Current Version Live on the Market

1.0.21 Summary

  • Added a “Report Bug” feature accessible from the menu
  • Added a “Forgot Password” button during login
  • Added a check box to remember login information
  • Fixed a crash related to the app being in an inactive state

1.0.20 Summary

  • Mixes that end prematurely will attempt to restart the stream at the disconnected position
  • The remaining time left on a trial is displayed after initialization
  • The play/pause graphic will change instantly when pressed instead of delaying slightly.
  • Fixed multiple cases where database sessions were not being properly closed
  • If a cover graphic can’t be displayed due to being out of memory, the cover graphic will not be displayed instead of crashing the app

1.0.19 Summary

  • Added a “Try It Now” button that will allow a user to try the app for 15 minutes without registration
  • Bug fixes from emailed crash logs and marketplace crash logs

1.0.18 Summary

  • Caching will now only take place when an image is not already cached
  • Loading time for the app reduced from 1-3 minutes down to 10-30 seconds

1.0.17 Summary

  • Fixed session time issue with Google Analytics

1.0.16 Summary

  • Fixed bug with “Now Playing” button
  • Buffering dialog can now be canceled

1.0.15 Summary

  • Fixed bug with in-app rating reminder
  • Fixed issue with analytics tracking
  • Replaced “Now Playing” button

1.0.14 Summary

  • Fixed issue with images not caching
  • Added DJ images to the cache
  • Broke the name field into two separate fields, first and last name
  • Added a “Rate this app” reminder once a user has logged in 15 times or in 14 days, whichever comes first

1.0.13 Summary

  • Analytic tracking for mixes will now properly track in this build
  • Changed dropdown text color from black to white in the Create Account screen

1.0.12 Summary

  • Create account functionality implemented
    • Information validation
    • Auto-login
  • Added analytic tracking event for tracking how long a mix played in both percentages and raw values

1.0.11 Summary

  • Google Analytics implemented
  • Live tracker implemented

1.0.10 Summary

  • Fixed crash related to the Media Player throwing an error before the mix has been initialized

1.0.9 Summary

  • Now Playing button should now display on all appropriate screens
  • Track list is now still viewable while paused
  • A progress dialog will now be visible while buffering

1.0.8 Summary

  • 2 second delay added when play controls reactivate for any reason
  • Current track will be highlighted in orange on the track list
  • Music volume during ads increase from 10% to 25%
  • Default album art downloaded from server
  • Current track/mix/artist overlay more opaque

1.0.7 Summary

  • Redesigned list pages
  • Images downloaded from server are cached
  • Added icon to return to Now Playing
  • Track list has a darker theme
  • Added new fields for Genre and Stations pages
  • Fixed coloring on DJ Info page
  • Images will now cache on-demand rather than on initialization
  • DJs page now displays the correct layout

1.0.6 Summary

  • Added error dialog when a user loses network connection
  • Settings page redesign

1.0.5 Summary

  • Currently playing track will be bold in the track list
  • Current track is displayed on the mix info overlay on the Now Playing screen
  • Skipping to a different section of the mix will disable skip buttons until the process completes
  • Stations and Genres screens now display their list according to a server-provided sorting order

1.0.4 Summary

  • Previously played tracks will be dimmed and unclickable in the track list
  • Disabled debug logging for release

1.0.3 Summary

  • Streaming updates for Galaxy S, Aria, and Droid X
    • Devices that had issues streaming before now stream very close to how a normal device would. Skipping is a little problematic on these devices sometimes.
  • Ads launch their URL when clicked
  • New landscape layout for Now Playing
  • Redesign of the login screen
  • Various bug fixes

1.0.2 Summary

  • Streaming functional for Galaxy S and Aria
  • Info button added to the Now Playing screen
  • Track list button added and allows skipping to a specified track
  • Can now sort DJs by genre
Skipping to the next track or selecting a track from the track list currently is not consistent on the Galaxy S or Aria. If the mix finished downloading, it works as expected, but has unexpected results if that’s not the case.

1.0.1 Summary

  • Fixed issue with odd skip behavior
  • Once logged in, users will now be taken to the Genres page
  • Replaced splash screen
  • Fixed issue where the default Fit Radio album art would briefly show when switching mixes

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