Why FIT Radio?

Ever been to the gym and while in the midst of one of your longest runs, out of nowhere, a mysterious Michael Buble song begins to play from your earbuds? “Where did this come from?” you ask yourself, and  BOOM the momentum you had for the last 8 mile haul is tarnished. You now have to look down at your mp3 player, find a more upbeat tune, and  ”poof!” you’ve lost your motivation. Fit radio is the solution to this dilemma.

Welcome to FIT Radio

Fit Radio is here to help you with all your motivational music needs. Fit Radio provides seamless music to ensure you keep your momentum high throughout your workout as well as long after you’ve left the gym.

The staff at Fit Radio has categorized the music genres, DJ names, and listening stations to make it easier for the user to navigate the site and find the right music for his/her specific task or purpose. DJs like Vice, Chris Rimby, Mike Zarin, Skratchy, and Dizzy K are just a few of the many talented DJs represented on the Fit Radio playlist circuit. The genres that are represented include Top 40, House, Party, Hip Hop, Rock, Indie, and Lounge. Whatever your needs, Fit Radio can provide you with the mix that will keep you motivated. What will you choose?